How to Effectively Manage Time


Projects, goals, specific tasks with deadline. To manage effectively, you must learn to effectively manage time. This includes prioritizing and planning, setting goals and delegating, analyzing time spent, monitor, scheduling and organizing.


#1 Prioritize

This is the first step in time management and it’s certainly not easy. If you have many projects and tasks with deadlines to deal with it can be a challenge to make it all come together. One way that can help you prioritize is to use quadrants.


  1. Important and urgent – These tasks can’t be avoided, as they are necessary.
  2. Important and not urgent – These are about things you want to achieve in the long run.
  3. Not important but urgent – This quadrant is deceptive These tasks are seen as important or urgent but they are actually neither.
  4. Not important and not urgent – These tasks are nothing more than time wasters.


Using this classification system makes it much easier to prioritize projects and tasks and organize them.


#2 Planning

To make the most of your time you need to be able to plan your day. It’s important to motivating you and giving your day direction so that you are better organized. At the start of each day spend a little time answering the question ”What must I do to make it happen.” Take big tasks and break them down into small tasks that you can manage.


#3 Set Goals

Set your goals. Start by determining your targets and make sure those goals are achievable and realistic. To create steps you need to know where you are going.


#4 Set Deadlines

With any project that you are working with finishing a project before the deadline gives you extra time for any changes you have to make at the last minute. Schedule your time so that you aren’t working under the wire at the very end of the project deadline so be realistic.


#5 Delegate

Now you can begin to delegate responsibility to other members of your team to get the job done.